Quick & Easy Strawberry Pie

Since warm weather has arrived you may be needing this Quick & Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe. The strawberries and Cool Whip blend so well together and the Jell-O adds that additional punch of flavor. I used a store bought graham Cracker Crust to save on time. You could also make your own too!

This Quick & Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe was so simple and perfect for our get together. It was finished off pretty quickly. This Strawberry Pie just put me in a wonderful mood. So bright in color and yummy too! I know I will be making it many times this spring and summer.

I have made this pie for years. My recipe calls for 2/3 cup ice, I think. HA!! I also put cool whip on top just for looks. This is one of the best pies I have ever made. I also make it peach. YUM!! Love, love this recipe, super easy and delicious. 

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Quick & Easy Strawberry Pie @ cincyshopper.com

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